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supreme adj. höchst
supreme subst. der Ober m
supreme command subst.   der Oberbefehl m
supreme command subst.   das Oberkommando n
supreme concha   Concha nasalis suprema  
Supreme Court Am.   höheres Gericht  
  Oberstes Bundesgericht  
Supreme Court subst. Am.   das Kammergericht n
Supreme Court of Judicature Brit.   Oberster Gerichtshof  
Supreme Court of the German Reich subst.   das Reichsgericht n
supreme ethmoidal concha   Concha nasalis suprema  
supreme nasal bone   Concha nasalis suprema  
supreme nasal concha   Concha nasalis suprema  
supreme spongy bone   Concha nasalis suprema  
supreme turbinate bone   Concha nasalis suprema  
supremely good adj.   souverän
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