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artery subst. die Arterie f
  die Pulsader f
  die Schlagader f
  die Verkehrsader f
artery subst. pl die Arteria f
artery subst. der Hauptweg m
artery forceps subst.   die Arterienklemme f
artery of angular gyrus   Arteria gyri angularis  
artery of bulb of penis   Arteria bulbi penis  
artery of bulb of vestibule of vagina   Arteria bulbi vestibuli  
artery of caudate lobe   Arteria lobi caudati  
artery of central sulcus   Arteria sulci centralis  
artery of deferent duct   Arteria ductus deferentis  
artery of postcentral sulcus   Arteria sulci postcentralis  
artery of pterygoid canal   Arteria canalis pterygoidei  
artery of tail of pancreas   Arteria caudae pancreatis  
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